Sombra Del Oso Reviews

See what other people are saying about our Albuquerque apartments! At Sombra Del Oso Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.


I would like to thank Jasmine for being so helpful in setting up my account. She has always been very professional and couteous.

I used to live at Sombra Del Oso apts and I loved it there. There was a housekeeper named Mona Foster that was so awesome! She was always on top of things, she is the best! I miss living there and in Albuquerque, maybe some day I'll be able to return!

I am very happy that Sombra del Oso has been my home ever since I came to Albuquerque. Their staff has been very helpful and a pleasure to work with! Any time I've had issues (which is not very often) they have been able to fix them right away. Thank you especially to Ashley, Rachel, Jonathan, Carlos and Charles for all their help!

We love living at Sombra Del Oso! itâ??s quiet, the management is always quick with work orders and super friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

I moved to Sombra in 2011 from a small town down South and I need to say that I have found a place to call home! Sure, staffing changes occur, security issues may arise, rent fluctuates, and things break; however, I have always been treated with respect by every employee. My neighbors are awesome and we watch out for each other. Parks and businesses are within walking distance, making for more community support and involvement. Not to mention the amazing views! No complex is perfect but Sombra Del Oso comes real close. That is why I'm renewing my lease for the 7th time! Sombra, I never want to leave!

Carlos and Santos great job in our apartment 3F my family thnaks you keep it Up!!!

I have been here four and half years, the front office has showed me great respect. Especially the two young ladies Rachel & Chanice. Maintenance is always doing an awesome job on my apartment. The only concern I have is the neighbors have two little dogs that keep me up. Also Jessica & Ashley have been doing a good job in the office as well.

I look on those days fondly. We had a fire place on the first floor.

Brandon and really all the staff have been great here. I've lived here for almost nine months and I love it. Brandon has been so helpful with any questions that I have run into. Thanks everyone!

Philip Montoya (maintenance) was SO fast and did amazing work in my apartment, on short notice (water, bath tub, fridge, etc . He was very attentive and extremely professional. I look to him for all of my maintenance needs now! Thank you!

Lived here for a few months... Pros- -The apartments are BIG for the price and very cute with in home wash/dryer and a fireplace -The people at the front desk are very friendly and professional. On the day I moved in one person came in 3 hours early so I could sign the paperwork and move in before noon. -Pool and Landscaping are nice and well kept -The complex is well lit at night -Quiet, complex neighbors are calm and mostly young couples or families -Can't really hear the neighbors through the walls -Beautiful views of the city/river Cons- -The appliances are OLD (think 1980's for most of them). When I moved in a couple of things were not working but maintenance came quickly and fixed the problems. I've seen them replace some appliances in the apartments around me and the dishwasher was newish when I moved in. -Maintenance is slow but polite -Apartment was 80% cleaned when i moved in (carpet was shampooed, and walls were painted) Drawers were dirty, lots of hair and I found an open bandaid in one. -Bathtubs are painted, why! It makes them hard to clean and leaves them a weird texture. -Parking can be a problem especially on weekends, no open spots sometimes. -Traffic noises from Montano Overall i really like my apartment, a few drawer liners and elbow grease and the apartment is really cute.

I only have lived here for about 3 weeks but love the staff and maintenance crew. They have been very helpful. Just noticing it is getting cold and see usual critters like some spiders come in but other than that, it has been great. The staff worked with me even before I relocated here and they are very patient. Some things needed to be repaired but they did a good job doing so. I love that I have such a spacious bathroom. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. It is definitely as beautiful as the web sight says so.

I loved it it was small but good enough for our family plus pretty cheap. Lived there for 10 1/2 years very pleased. However 1 negative thing is the repairs swamp cooler broke for over 3 months after about 4 visits to attempt to fix it never happened. however good pool and over all good service.

Allyssia is amazing, very helpful, and informative. The property is also very well kept.. Cant wait to move in.

I've lived here for 3 years and i cant complain Alyssia & Leahni have always been friendly and helpful. The price is good for the location. I'm grateful that washer/dryer are in my apartment and i can park my two vehicles under covered parking and they don't charge. Maintenance is friendly and good. I would recommend this place you get a great value

So fun!!! I hate looking for a new place to live, more than looking for a new car...but, I have to say I did have fun here. The price for the 2 bedroom is amazing for everything you get (most pumped about the washer/dryer).Just put the deposit down and I am so glad my hunt has ended. Check it out!!